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Office Time: Monday to Friday : 9am - 6pm By Appointment Only(By Appointment via email)

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Service Features: Parity + Professional

Do you want to spend the least money on the most secure visa or immigration? But I don't know where to prepare the materials. Don't want to spend thousands of agency fees? The good news is that choosing our service will give you both fish and bear's paw. How to have both fish and bear's paw?

  1. Before the appointment, the lawyer will teach you how to prepare the materials, and then make an appointment with the lawyer to review the materials to ensure that the material forms are correct.
  2. Group purchase: If the previous consultation part is the same project, for example, all are PR, then up to four people can share the hourly attorney fee. Everyone may wish to find a friend with the same needs to consult a lawyer to understand a certain service. After each person finishes the materials, they can make an appointment one by one for the lawyer to review and submit the materials later. Through the above two methods, among the services we provide below, we can help our customers who have the ability to prepare materials and want to save money, save the agency to do half the cost, and achieve services that save money and ensure quality.

Successful Solutions

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Years of Experience

Visa / Immigration

Temporary visit visa (visit, visit relatives, visit friends)

Super Visa

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Study Permit

  • Student Visa (including CAQ) 
  • Student visa transferred from other provinces: Apply for CAQ + student visa update on CIC immigration website(CIC update using IRCC webform) 
  • CAQ
  • Renewal visa  
  • Student visa expires (if it expires within 90 days, if you need to leave the country after 90 days)

Work Permit

  • Graduation work permit(PGWP)
  • Open work permit for spouse
  • COOP/intern work permit
  • Bridging work permit
  • Closed Work Permit for Overseas Workers: I want to get a work permit by finding an employer in Canada (work more than 12 months + French B2 can apply for PEQ immigration) You need to talk to the employer first, and then come to a lawyer to help you do the following steps:
  1. Help employers advertise for 45 days in employee-Québec + newspapers + evaluate all candidates who have resumes (evaluation of candidates), Then Provide Job Offer;
  2. LMIA+CAQ;
  3. Employment letter; 
  4. Work permit;

Note:  Some jobs (such as chefs) do not need to take the first step, exempt from publishing newspaper and evaluation of candidates, You only need to do the second to fourth steps, so you can save about one third of the cost


  • -PEQ discount package (highly recommended):

    • CSQ+PR Combo

    • CSQ+PR+PGWP combo

    -Regular skilled worker : CSQ + PR

    Parents reunited with immigrants

    -Spouses reunited with immigrants

    -Entrepreneur immigration


    -Investment immigration

    After getting PR:

    • Apply for Maple Leaf Card(PR card)

    • Apply for citizenship

    All of the above services include a one-hour consultation with a lawyer and an assessment fee of $ 200. Because lawyers make money with professional knowledge, lawyers here charge by the hour, and the time cost is high, so our lawyers hope that the client's consultation time is also paid.

  • Labor Market Opinions
    Most Canadian work permits require a Labor Market Opinion (LMO) which effectively tests the potential job offer to determine whether it has a negative impact on the Canadian Labor Market. By working with potential employers FWCanada provides the immigration services necessary to obtain a positive LMO.

Legal services

For all other services, such as registering a company, divorce or litigation, we will discuss with the lawyer about the required hours for each case according to the needs of the client, so that we will report the total price, and add a note that if it is overtime, we will do it by the hour. Additional charge, if we do not use the total price we estimate will refund, absolutely guarantee fair notarization, so that customer satisfaction is our most important thing. 

Strengths of our partner lawyers: Various immigration and visa, visa / immigrant appeals, various contract, economic dispute, civil dispute and divorce proceedings

In other aspects of legal business, such as criminal litigation, patent and trademark law, such as marriage or buying a house requires notarization, we can recommend other professional lawyers and notaries.

Legal advice on civil housing rental

In Quebec, half of the houses are leased, and Chinese landlords account for a significant proportion. At the same time, there are many international students who come to Quebec to attend school and need to rent a house. There are often Chinese friends who encounter difficulties in leasing. From language to culture, they cannot communicate well with the locals, causing a lot of legal disputes, which is very distressing! At the same time, the fees of professional lawyers are generally relatively high. Between hesitation, we have missed the time for litigation. To this end, we have set up a legal consultation plan to serve Chinese landlords.

Other service

Lawyers charge by the hour, so if other services are needed, they are also charged by the hour. For example, some students have strong abilities, they can initially fill in all forms and prepare materials by themselves. They only want to see a lawyer to review it. It's good to charge by the hour, 200 $ an hour (compared to other lawyers with more than 6 years experience in the same industry, it's very cheap).
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Our Service

good news! Because there are too many customers who consult every day, and sometimes they are too busy to answer everyone's questions in time. In order to better serve everyone, the website has added new features, and the Siluo Forum is online! Therefore, starting today, WeChat or telephone will no longer be used to answer your questions. Please write all questions on the forum, and you can answer and discuss each other. We will reply to your questions once a week, but if we find out that the answer has been accurately answered by one of our customers, we will send a bonus red envelope to this customer (please add the WeChat Si_law for each registered customer to receive red envelopes) Therefore, we encourage everyone to use this forum to help each other, but also to learn from each other's experience. Our service scope includes: If you want one-on-one WeChat or telephone or inquiries, please fill out this appointment form first【Customer Appointment Form】, You will be contacted afterwards and we will respond to you from Monday to Friday during business hours.

The form states: If you want to make an appointment to meet with a lawyer, please make an appointment for office hours from Monday to Friday from 10-6. Due to busy business, customers are full every hour every day, so please make an appointment at least one week in advance and arrive on time, because we have a customer every hour. . Local clients in Canada want to consult the legal and immigration problems (such as visa refusal or criminal records) and suggest to pay for consultation with our lawyer or immigration consultant or choose to get more specific details for free after signing with us. If you need to cancel or change the appointment time, please inform us 24 hours in advance. Customers in China or other countries who want to inquire about studying in Canada can contact our study consultant to make an appointment for free consultation. For customers who have signed the contract and paid in advance, we will send the list of materials as soon as possible. Please cooperate with us to prepare materials and supplementary materials so that we can better help everyone.In addition, after the materials are collected, the time it takes for us to prepare the materials for you to submit is about one month, so we recommend that you please consult and sign with us a few months in advance. If you want to get a visa or immigration according to your plan soon if. Due to busy customers and first-come-first-served order, I am afraid that I cannot sign the contract today according to the wishes of some customers, and handle your materials tomorrow, unless there is a special urgent reason that we must let you handle it urgently, so please inform us in advance so Without delaying your business, if we can pick up your urgent case, you may need to pay extra express fees according to your urgency and reason. Thank you for your understanding and support! Customer referral rewards: Each customer who contacted us should indicate at the beginning or when preparing to sign a contract whether you have been recommended by our contracted customers. If so, after you successfully sign the prepayment, the customer's referrer will need it again. 10% off when we serve. If you want to discuss business cooperation, please contact me directly to make an appointment to discuss business cooperation details. Thank you!


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